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New puppy?  Long hours at work?  Elderly dog?  Pet Friendly Travel?

 Allow your pet the comfort and dignity of an indoor potty.

If you’re looking for the best indoor potty turf pad for dogs, cats, mini pigs and rabbits, you found it.  At Piddle Place we are dedicated to removing the barriers to pet companionship, supporting shelters, and manufacturing in the USA.

Invented by a nurse, Piddle Place™ is not another dog potty turf or puppy pee pad holder. Piddle Placepet relief system is the #1 dog potty grass patch available using porous non-stick turf, quick drain, artificial turf, valve drain system, eliminating odor, mess, and contact with pet waste, while complimenting the look of your home.

Don’t be fooled by imitations and other dog toilets… they are not Piddle Place™!  

Piddle Place™ dog potty grass patch is the winner of major pet awards — including Dr. Marty Becker’s (“America’s Veterinarian” from Good Morning America) 2014 Best Products and 2013 “Editor’s Choice” by Pet Product News.

Thousands of satisfied customer will say Piddle Place™ is a cleaner, earth friendly option to puppy pads and expensive dog walkers or a stinky dog litter box. It’s the perfect, portable dog bathroom for:

  • Houses
  • Apartments and high-rises
  • Condos
  • Travel with Pets
  • Boats
  • RVs and campers
  • And more!

No more pet training accidents… no more carpet stains… no more unsanitary, unsightly and expensive puppy wee wee pads.

Whether you are potty training your dog or looking to avoid messes on your carpet or floor while you’re way, Piddle Place is ideal for you AND your pet.

Perfect for puppy’s, older dogs who can’t hold it in, cats, mini pigs, and rabbits.

Piddle Place is not meant to replace walking your pet. But if you’re unable to walk your pet due to bad weather, if you work all day, or whatever… Piddle Placeis the perfect solution. And allows your pet more freedom and comfort than a crate.

Piddle Place is attractive, compact, sanitary, eco-friendly, and less expensive and then those smelly puppy pee pads.

Easy Train. Easy clean. Easy drain. No mess. No smell. Portable. Affordable.

Piddle Place™ really is the ultimate indoor dog potty grass pad!

how piddle place works

Please watch our video and learn more.  When you purchase the Piddle Place pet relief system, you will enjoy the amazing self-contained base that keeps piddle away from your pet’s feet, and allows you to empty it through a valve drain neatly and quickly without contact with pet waste.   You also receive the porous turf that feels comfy and soft to your pet’s paws and the delux travel cover.When purchased as part of a Super Saver subscription service, you also receive a 9 week supply of bio+treatment ($38 value) the adorable protective guard insert that compliments your pets personality and prevents any splashes from male dogs.

Piddle Place - pet product news award winner
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Compare Piddle Place Dog Potty Grass Pad
With Traditional Puppy Pads

puppy pad mess

Puppy Pads are Poorly Designed but until now was the only solution for allowing dogs the comfort of relieving themselves as needed.  These absorbent “paper towels” are flimsy, expensive, and fill up the landfills.  Pet owners told us they had to replace the pads a few times a day.  They slide around the floor, or dogs chew them  and pull them around.  Worse, we noticed that when dogs step off the pads, their paws are full of urine, leaving a disgusting trail of pet waste in the home or on the owner.  An unsightly scene in front of your dinner guest!piddle place pet relief system - Dog toilet turf


The Piddle Place dog toilet is designed to compliment the look of your home.   Not meant to replace walking your pet, the Piddle Place provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for you to come home, or weather is bad.

Also perfect for house breaking, travel with our pets, boats and RVs.  Piddle Place is also great for the Handicapped or elderly, who find walking a pet a challenge.

piddle place prevents contact with waste

Piddle Place Grooves - Dog turf

Piddle Drains Away Without Touching

The Patented Groove and Drainage System allows the porous grass-like turf to sit high above the reservoir.   This means that your pet’s paws remain above the piddle, as it flows neatly into the drain and storage reservoir.

With a spray or two of our odor-busting Bio-enzyme treatment to the turf, and Bio-plus concentrate in the reservoir, the Piddle Place pet relief system proves to be the MOST sanitary, fresh smelling indoor pet potty.

empty piddle place in the toilet or yardEmpty Piddle Neatly With No Spills

The Patented quick-drain spout means you can say Goodbye to picking up wet, nasty puppy pads and carrying them to the trash. No more scooping piddle out of a litter box, and certainly NO SPILLS

The valve on the spout is easy to open and creates a super-water tight seal when closed. It guarantees that you’ll easily be able to get it open when needed, and it will remain locked tight when it’s closed. ATTENTION BREEDERS, GROOMERS and VETERINARY OFFICES…the Piddle Place can be attached to a standard garden house and drained directly into your floor drain.

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housebreak my dog
Watch the Video to see some Fantastic Tips and ways to get YOUR pet to happily use the Piddle Place indoor pet potty. The pet-friendly Piddle Place is love by most pets as a welcome “relief”.   The turf, which is designed to allow piddle to flow through, feels like natural grass.   Also, your pet won’t suffer with the discomfort of standing in urine when they use the system.  The design of Piddle Place is aimed at creating an environment most similar to your pet’s natural “piddle situation”.With the tips in this video, your pet should soon be on his or her way to Happy Piddling! Click here to see MORE Training Videos

the science behind piddle place

piddle place puppy padsPiddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is not a cover up.It goes to the source of odor and eliminates it.  Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment combines the fast action of chemistry with the long term benefits of microbes. Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is the result of intensive R & D efforts to develop an odor controller for pet waste the technology is a natural process that is safe for both the user, the pet, and the environment.  Odors are perceived due to the interaction of odor molecules with olfactory receptors in the nose. Rather than controlling the odor with another, more pleasant, odor, Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment eliminates odors by eliminating the source. Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment breaks down and degrades organics found in urine and feces which cause malodors.  It is a Bio-Enzyme Treatment is a technologically-advanced chemical formulation  for use with the Piddle Place™ to eliminate pet waste odor. Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment combines a novel chemical formulation for immediate and long lasting odor control with bioenzymatics, for penetrating long-lasting freshening effects.litter box bacteria Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment chemistry makes for immediate odor control and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation.The naturally-occurring microbes in Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment then degrades the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment provides superior cleaning efficacy compared to conventional chemical products Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment uses formulations that utilize biodegradable surfactants at a neutral pH, contain no phosphates, no solvents, and low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is combined with the Deo-Essence® fragrance of Lemongrass Eucalyptus to maximize prompt effectiveness.

Setting Up Piddle Place Is Quick And Easy

To set up the Piddle Place, simply open a packet of Bio+ concentrate, mix with a cup of water, shake, and pour into the base.  Replace the turf and your pet is good to “go”.  Once a day, or after use, spray the surface area with the BioEssence treatment to keep the Piddle Place fresh and odor free.  The DeoEssence in our maintaining solutions eliminates odor, rather than covering it up.  Please view our training video or our handy printable training guide, if more tips are needed.

What About The Size Of Piddle Place?

The Piddle Place is proudly constructed in the USA out of sturdy molded plastic.  While the unit can hold over 100 lbs, the length of the Piddle Place will decide we are right for your furry friend.  If your dog is over 28 inches long, their hind end might hang over the Piddle Place and leave a mess.  The Piddle Place measures 19″ x 30″  and is 1.5 inches in height.  The Piddle Place will safely contain a gallon of pet waste, but we recommend draining the unit once a week for most dogs.

piddle place guarantee

You Are Protected By Our Guarantee!

If the amazing features and benefits of the Piddle Place, and the incredible success stories of our happy clients and their pets are not enough, we will go one step further.  You are protected by our 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee.  If your Piddle Place unit arrives damaged, or breaks within the first 90 days, we will replace it absolutely FREE.  You just have to return the damaged or broken unit, and a brand new unit will be sent.  We stand behind the superior quality of our product 100%.

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piddle place bio enzyme treatment

piddle place bio enzyme treatment

20 week supply of Bio-enzyme packs

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Sep 24, 2015 by Ruthie Hann

I just threw out my stinky old potty patch and bought one of these last month for my mini pig. I love it. No odor, and simple to use. I hooked a hose to it, and it drains in my shower drain. Pigs seem to urinate more than dogs or cats, so this drains instantly, and in a month, I've not had to do anything but spray the surface. Wonderful.

a blessing

Sep 06, 2015 by Sam A

We were moving to a third floor condo. This was a major change for us; I was concerned about my 10 year old Jack Russell (& my knees) going up & down the steps or if he needed to go while I was at my business. I'd read about inside pet bathrooms, checked out a number of them & found Piddle Place. Long story short, I have one & am ecstatic with it! After some reprograming, my Winston adapted to it - saving us many steps. PiddlePlace is the best - a blessing. It's easy to care for, durable & convenient. Also, another wonderful thing....PP is generous, they donate to shelters & needy dogs, do a lot good works. Great product & great people. Sam A.

Response: Oh Sam, I remember talking to you on the phone. You have been in my thoughts. So happy that Winston (i added your photo to our website here) and you took the time to say hello. You have been through so much, and I pray for your health and happiness.


Sep 04, 2015 by Alicia Keyes

I purchased your Piddle Place at my Humane Society fund raiser last week. I also adopted a puppy the next day. I had been putting off adopting another dog since I work 10 hours a day. It took only two days of training, and the new puppy took to the potty. It's a fantastic system, and my pup is comfortable when I am at work, and when I get home, we go out to play. Thank you for letting me find a way to have another dog in my life

Response: Thank you for supporting your local Humane Society. I am so happy you saved the life of a furry friend. Kathy


Sep 04, 2015 by Audrey thai

I recently bought the product for my new 8 week old puppy. I was concerned about the pee pads since they still had to sit on the floor and newspaper just did not absorbent enough. He took to the pad in about thirty minutes after a sprayed some potty training liquid on it. I no longer have to worry about him tracking pee everywhere on the floor! Have you thought about donating to some of the LA animal shelters? Whenever I go to help friends find a pet to adopt, the peeing areas for the dogs sadden me.

Response: Yes, there are two shelters in LA that we support, but welcome the names of your favorite. Most shelters sell our product at their fund raisers, but when they take the time to look at our product, they wind up placing them in their kennel runs. They can attach a hose to the Piddle Place, so it drains immediately and the dogs at the shelters are not forced to wait to be taken out, or lay in their own waste. I thank you so much for suggesting this here. Dr. Marty Becker from Good Morning America told us the same thing. Dogs that wind up in shelters are often forced to lay in waste. This is not natural for them, and it makes them depressed. The depression makes them less adoptable, so thank you for sharing our product with you local shelter, we are happy to help.

my tea cup piggy

Sep 01, 2015 by Frank Philpots

My wife brought home a mini-pig last year, and we were spending a fortune on puppy pads. A friend recommended the Piddle Place to her, and our house has never been cleaner, no odor, and since we were going through 3 pads a day, this has saved us money. Thank you

An incredible system!!

Aug 21, 2015 by Monica Martinez

I am absolutely thrilled with this system. My dog was immediately drawn to It. She used it within an hour of me placing it in her spot. It's now day 2 and she has used it several times and there is absolutely no odor. This is a life saver and a money saver!! I'm so happy to be rid of the puppy pads and the mess and odor that come with them. Thank you!

Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. Photos always welcome!


Jun 18, 2015 by LeaAnn Grimes

All I can say is wow. This is one amazing product. I called your office for help with training, and did exactly what you said. My dog was shy about us seeing her go potty, and placing the plastic plants around the Piddle Place worked perfect! She thought she was going into the bushes like she did outside, and now she is totally trained. I work 10 hour days, and this is such a "relief" for both of us!

Response: Thank you LeAnn . You can purchase our product in Mexico at Petco. Are you in Mexico City?

By far the best potty system

Jun 14, 2015 by Nikki

We have used this potty system for several months now and for anyone interested in buying this, you will not be let down. I had the typical potty patch (catch pan and thick grass turf). I spent so much money buying potty pads to place under the grass. It was gross cleaning it and it smelled really bad. My small dog has bladder issues and so I really needed a potty system for him but hated our current one. Then I found this site. Its easy to clean. It no longer stinks as well which is a plus. It is also a decent size. Most importantly, my dog likes it. He warmed up to it almost immediately.

Response: I thank you so much for the kind words, and for helping us to help a shelter dog. All the best, Kathy


Jun 01, 2015 by Elizabeth Gonzales

Thank you for great product. I purchased in Mexico, but now am look for the bioenzyme. I try spraying with lysol and other things, but they smelled. I had no smelly with your spray. Please say a place to go.

If only it had this

May 30, 2015 by JoAnne LaBrecque

This would be perfect for me, if the drain had the option of attaching a standard hose. I would keep this on my deck, but have a drain hose go to my yard below. I could then clean and rinse, right there on the deck without taking the whole thing to a drain area/or inside.

Response: HI JoAnne. I DOES attach to a standard garden house : ) I am so delighted you asked that question, and I love it when people do this.
We donate the Piddle Place to shelters, and they leave them in their dog runs, attach a hose and run the hose down a central drain. This is great for shelter dogs that otherwise might have to lay in waste or wait for a walk that only come twice a day.

We find breeders, doggy day care centers, and groomers do the same. You will save $$$ on the bio+base unit charger, but will still need the spray to keep the turf sanitary. If you ordered from us, please remember to cancel the autoship if you chose that option.

Piddle Place 8889997777 1562 Park Lane South, suite 700 Jupiter FL, 33458 USA 4.8 5.0 60 60 I just threw out my stinky old potty patch and bought one of these last month for my mini pig. I love it. No odor, and simple to use. I hooked a hose to it, and it drains in my s
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