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<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed> Watch the Video to see.  When you purchase the Piddle Place Pet Relief System, you get the amazing self-contained base that keeps piddle away from your pet’s feet, and allows you to drain it neatly and quickly.  Plus, you get the porous turf that feels comfy and soft to your pet’s paws.

When purchased in our Super Saver Offer, you also get the adorable back-splash insert that not only makes the Piddle Place look cute, but also prevents any splashes from male dogs.  You also get the travel cover, and 8 weeks of Bio-enzyme treatment.

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Compare Piddle Place with traditional Puppy Pads

puppy pad mess

Puppy Pads are Poorly Designed but until now was the only solution for allowing dogs the comfort of relieving themselves as needed.  These absorbent “paper towels” are often flimsy, expensive, and fill up the landfills.  Pet owners told us they had to replace the pads a few times a day.  They slide around the floor, or dogs chew them or pull them around.  Worse, we noticed that when dogs step off the pads, their paws are full of urine, leaving a disgusting trail of pet waste in the home or on the owner.  An unsightly scene in front of your dinner guest!piddle place pet relief system


The Piddle Place dog toilet is designed to compliment the look of your home.   Not meant to replace walking your pet, the Piddle Place provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for your return or when weather does not permit a trip outdoors.  Also perfect for house breaking, those that travel with their pets, or those who bring pets along on boats, RVs or the like.  Piddle Place is also great for the Handicapped or elderly, who find walking a pet a challenge.

piddle place prevents contact with waste


Piddle Drains away without Touching

The Patented Groove and Drainage System allows the porous grass-like turf mat to sit high above the reservoir.   This means that your pet’s paws remain above the piddle, as it flows neatly into the drain and storage reservoir.

With a spray or two of our odor-busting Bio-enzyme treatment to the turf, and Bio-plus concentrate in the reservoir, the Piddle Place pet relief system proves to be the MOST sanitary, fresh smelling and easy-to-live-with product of it’s kind.



empty piddle place in the toilet or yardEmpty Piddle Neatly with NO spills

The Patented quick-drain spout means you can say Goodbye to picking up wet, nasty puppy pads and carrying them to the trash. No more scooping piddle out of a litter box, and certainly NO SPILLS

The valve on the spout is easy to open and creates a super-water tight seal when closed. It guarantees that you’ll easily be able to get it open when needed, and it will remain locked tight when it’s closed.

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housebreak my dog
Watch the Video to see some Fantastic Tips and ways to get YOUR pet to happily use the Piddle Place Pet Relief System.

The pet-friendly Piddle Place is love by most pets.   The turf, which is designed to allow piddle to flow through, feels like natural grass.   Also, your pet won’t suffer with the discomfort of standing in piddle when he uses the system.  As such, the design of Piddle Place is aimed at creating an environment most similar to your pet’s natural “piddle situation”.With the tips in this video, your pet should soon be on his or her way to Happy Piddling!

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the science behind piddle place

piddle place puppy padsPiddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is not a cover up.It goes to the source of odor and eliminates it.  Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment combines the fast action of chemistry with the long term benefits of microbes.

Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is the result of intensive R & D efforts to develop an odor controller for pet waste the technology is a natural process that is safe for both the user, the pet, and the environment.  Odors are perceived due to the interaction of odor molecules with olfactory receptors in the nose. Rather then controlling the odor with another, more pleasant, odor, Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment eliminates odors by eliminating the source.

Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment breaks down and degrades organics found in urine and feces which cause malodors.  It is a Bio-Enzyme Treatment is a technologically-advanced chemical formulation  for use with the Piddle Place™ to eliminate pet waste odor. Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment combines a novel chemical formulation for immediate and long lasting odor control with bioenzymatics, for penetrating long-lasting freshening effects.litter box bacteriaPiddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment chemistry makes for immediate odor control and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation.

The naturally-occurring microbes in Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment then degrades the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment provides superior cleaning efficacy compared to conventional chemical products Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment uses formulations that utilize biodegradable surfactants at a neutral pH, contain no phosphates, no solvents, and low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC).Piddle Place™ Bio-Enzyme Treatment is combined with the Deo-Essence® fragrance of Lemongrass Eucalyptus to maximize prompt effectiveness.

Setting up Piddle Place is Quick and Easy

To set up the Piddle Place, simply open a packet of Bio+ concentrate, mix with a cup of water, shake, and pour into the base.  Replace the turf and your pet is good to “go”.  Once a day, or after use, spray the surface area with teh BioEssence treatment to keep the Piddle Place fersh and odor free.  The DeoEssence in our maintaining solutions eliminates odor, rather than covering it up.  Please view our training video or our handy printable training guide, if more tips are needed.

What about the size of Piddle Place?

The Piddle Place is proudly constructed in the USA out of sturdy molded plastic.  While the unit can hold over 100 lbs, the length of the Piddle Place will decide we are right for your furry friend.  If your dog is over 28 inches long, their hind end might hang over the Piddle Place and leave a mess.  The Piddle Place measures 19″ x 30″  and is 1.5 inches in height.  The Piddle Place will safely contain a gallon of pet waste, but we recommend draining the unit once a week for most dogs.

piddle place guarantee

You are Protected by our Guarantee

If the amazing features and benefits of the Piddle Place, and the incredible success stories of our happy clients and their pets are not enough, we will go one step further.   You are protected by our 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee.  If your Piddle Place unit arrives damaged, or breaks within the first 90 days, we will replace it absolutely FREE.  You just have to return the damaged or broken Piddle Place unit, and a brand new unit will be sent.  We stand behind the superior quality of our product 100%.

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Question of the turf

Apr 24, 2014 by Jennifer


Hi! First, I wanted to say that I love this system SO much. No more wet paws or accidents from our Cocker Spaniels..I really can't thank you enough for that! I almost feel guilty bothering you about my "problem"... Under the turf a residue will form. It wipes right up off the base, but it's difficult for me to get it off the turf. Am I doing something wrong? How do I clean the turf?

Response: Thank you Jennifer. The turf is machine washable. Just wash in warm water, but do not put it in the dryer, just place it back on the base. Are you using the spray treatment? That usually makes everything flow into the base. I thank you again for your kind feedback

Bonsai approves

Apr 24, 2014 by Jeanette

Just as I thought! No real problems at all. Since Bonsai is paper trained, changing to the Piddle Place was pretty easy. We set it up in the place where his paper usually is and rubbed the "grass" a bit with a used puppy pad. At first Bonsai was reluctant to step up onto it, so we put him on it. He got off immediately. We did that several times, and he jumped off each time. All the time we were doing that we kept saying "paper" which is his signal to go. Finally I started rewarding him with a treat for getting on the Piddle Place. Finally, he urinated on it and I gave him lots of praise. The next time, he went completely on his own! Hurray! I expect there may be an accident or two, but we're doing very well!

I thought of a situation where a Piddle Place would be very helpful. I've read stories about older dogs, especially large ones, that develop arthritis and have to be carried up and down steps several times a day to "go." If I had a dog that was starting to show signs of those kinds of issues, I would get him trained on a Piddle Place and continue to use it occasionally just in case. Just a thought I wanted to share.

Thanks for a great product!

Response: Jeanette, I thank you for your insight. I never thought about the stairs and older dogs. However I knew it was time to give Dudley (my 13 year old dog) a piddle place when he could no longer make it through our doggy door. He would just stick his head out the door and pee on the floor. I share your thoughts here, and I will tell others. Thank you so much for the insight. Perhaps you might post this on Amazon as well? I think people will find this useful

Best new product

Apr 19, 2014 by George Whitney

I saw your award for best new pet product from Global Pet Expo 2014 on Yahoo.

I am a big fan of Dr. Becker from Good Morning America. Congrats on winning, My pug took to this right away, and I no longer find a mess when I get home from the office. Thank you!

Response: Thank you George, This was quite an honor for us here. We are all humbled by the award, Since our Veterinarian friends, customers and shelters really made this happen, we can just say thank you right back.

What If?

Apr 17, 2014 by Loretta

I just have a quick question, what if my dog refuses to use it, is it returnable?

Response: Loretta, due to the nature of the product, we are not able to take returns. It is very rare that a dog can\'t be trained to use the Piddle Place. Puppys take to it right away, because they are anxious to learn and please you. Dogs making a switch from those nasty pads are easily trained. Older dogs, take more work because they are breaking old habits, and well, \"teaching an old dog a new trick\" We always recommend people watch the training videos to see if they are committed to work with their dog before they purchase. This takes consistent communication and praise of the dog. Loretta, there is no product on the market that you can just set on the floor, and your dog will know what it is for. You will need to communicate with your dog what is expected of them. We also find that every dog learns different. Before you purchase, please call me and lets talk about your dog.


Apr 07, 2014 by Dogster Dave

I host a website
I volunteer at a shelter, and see hundreds of dogs up for adoption because of housebreaking issues. I am a huge fan of your product. I know this because I found them here at the shelter due to your kind donation. We have the Piddle Places in our dog runs, hooked up to hoses. We drain them down our central drain. Before this, we walk the dogs as often as we can, and just hose out the kennels every morning. Our vet realized prior to using your Piddle Place, we were forcing dogs to lay in their own waste, and that caused them to become depressed, and further decrease their chance of adoption. Now when people visit the shelter to drop off their dog because of housebreaking, we show then your product, and ask that they give the dog a second chance.
Thank you, Dave

Response: Bless you for your work at the shelter. I also volunteer at our shelter, and appreciate your taking the time to share. We donate our product to shelters, dog rescue, and we also support many non-profit causes. Let\'s make the world a better place, Your website is wonderful, great ideas there. I will start telling people to take a look at it for training tips Thank you Dave

Kathleen, Big Dogs?

Mar 31, 2014 by Adrienne

Can you make one for big dogs? My big lab wont fit he's too long, too heavy, and too wide. Many big dogs could use this. When I go out for the monthly shopping, my Fred has nowhere to go. He loves to figure out how to get under the fence and this is dangerous country so we could reallly use this. Let me know thank you for a great product!

Response: Thank you so much. Please feel free to call me. You certainly could use this, but you would have to put two together. What are you using now?

the best of its kind!

Feb 23, 2014 by Lauren

after trying 2 other artificial turf potty places for our italian greyhound in an apartment, we were going to give up and go back to potty pads for the horrid stench and impossible cleanup. saw someone else on a review site saying they switched to Piddle Place so we gave it one last go.

The thickness of the grass is JUST RIGHT for draining and cleaning (doesn't hold onto the urine and stink). The valve system is perfect, and the enzymatic cleaner works. The apartment doesn't smell, cleanup 1x/week along with 2 daily sprays on the grass and we are set. thank you so much!

Thoughts from Kathleen

Feb 21, 2014 by Piddle Place

There is a valve on the Piddle Place that turns it off, so you should not really need a cap. Also, you can hook up a garden hose to the valve, and drain it somewhere. This works for groomers, dog day care, and breeders.
Another quick note, please watch your order if you purchase the supersaver with 8 week subscription service. You will receive product every 8 weeks. If you dog is really small, you may not need this much. If you dog is larger or you have multiple dogs, you might need more. Remember you can cancel anytime. I am always here to answer questions. I thank you all so much for the opportunity.


Feb 21, 2014 by Ekela

Best dog potty ever. I've tried other products. This works. No smell. Easy to clean. I feel a little nervous about not having a cap for the spout. Does anyone know if one is available?

Response: Thank you for the review. You should not need a cap for the valve, since it shuts off. It is a standard hose valve, so any cap should work. We did not put one on it, since we thought that would be having to touch something that might have urine on it. The valve shut off is far enough away that you don\'t really have contact with anything. I will start asking other customers if they think this is needed. We always love your feedback, and look for ways to improve our product.

How did we live without this

Feb 16, 2014 by Kelsey Hutchens

I could not believe how well this worked. No odor, simple to clean, and my Poodle LOVES it. She is really small, and has a small bladder. I work full time, and this makes our live so much better. When I was considering the purchase, the owner called and talked me for almost an hour. Great customer service.

Piddle Place 8889997777 711 Commerce Way Suite 5 Jupiter FL, 33458 USA 4.8 5.0 22 22 JenniferHi! First, I wanted to say that I love this system SO much. No more wet paws or accidents from our Cocker Spaniels..I really can't thank you enough for that! I almost f
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